ANSWER: Fungal Nail infections can come from a variety of sources: 
Athelets foot which is a fungal skin infection 
Communal Changing areas gyms, swimming baths and hotel rooms etc.. 
Beauty Salons where there is no sterlisation of equipement and nail instruments  
Dammage and trauma to nail plate 
ANSWER: Yes, your fungal nail infection is treatable and you do not have to live with this. However the right treatment plan is necessary for each case to rid of this unsightly condition. 
ANSWER: Yes you can get reinfected, however our specialist will provide you with our hygine protocol which will aid to prevent reinfection. You will be educated on this within the consultation. Rest assured we rarely see patients with reinfections. 
ANSWER: No fungal infections are not genetic howver it is CONTAGIOUS, if you live in a family and you share bedding,socks, slippers, nail cutters etc.. you can infect one another. 
ANSWER: Yes, We are able to do laser treatment for fingernails, our specialists will tailor a plan directly for your specific nail infection. 
ANSWER: No, at Central Laser Nail Clinic our lasers are specifically made to treat nail fungus. This means that they have the precise wattage to only penetrate the nail. many other lasers are painful as they also penetrate the nail bed. You will only feel a slight warming sensation. 
ANSWER: See our pricing for fungal nail laser treatment below, we also allow patients to spread the cost of the treatment over the 4 sessions which are 2 to 3 weeks apart. 
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