Central Laser Nail Clinic is a team of nine specialists with 40+ years combined clinical experience. We are dedicated to helping you achieve confidence in your feet again, by providing tailored solutions for your individual fungal nail infections. 

Our team of nail fungus specialist are fully qualified podiatrist who have decades of experience working in the NHS and private practice. As a team of specialists, we are able to liase with our network of healthcare professionals and colleges, which enables us to treat even the most complex of fungal nail infections. 
As podiatrist we have been working in tackling fungal nail infections throughout our careers, we have found this to have a profound affect in a person’s self-esteem and confidence even as going as far as affecting an individual’s relationships, as some of our specialist have also been sufferers of fungal nail within their lifetime, therefore we are able to relate to a patients circumstances and insecurities. 
From patients as young as 12 to patients in their late 70's (who have had a 25+ year long standing infection) we have successfully treated, by placing a bespoke treatment plan for their needs. What we mean by barefoot freedom is by treating many patients we have found that due to patients being embarrassed they have stopped holidays and open shoe situations. We at Central Laser Nail Clinic have taken an innovative and dynamic approach to give you YOUR freedom again. 

Why trust Us? 

Having patients finding us after trying all options available on the market from topical treatments to oral medications which have been unsuccessful and other healthcare professionals (Doctors & Dermatologists) providing poor treatment plans and not being able to achieve the desired results. We have found onmychosis is a problem that you do not have to live with. 
From seeing a growing number of fungal infections within the population and poor treatment solutions, we have extensively searched for the best in treatment and prevention, leading us across the globe to source the latest in technology from Barcelona to the United States where extensive research and studies have been carried out. We have bought this to YOU. 
Our team of podiatrist have trained from leading medical professionals in Harley Street London, Barcelona and the US allowing our specialists to be able to diagnose, treat and provide a protocol that is evidence based with proven results. 

Our Network of Doctors & Healthcare Specalists 

At Central Laser Nail Clinic our decades within the healthcare industry has allowed us to develop a network of trusted and exepericed doctors and specialist who we closely work with allowing us to treat the most complex of cases, which heve been previously deemed to be untreatable by other clinics.  
Our experts can provide bespoke treatment plans giving successful results regardless of your health issues. We have direct access to our network providing quick and convient appointments to fit your schedule. 

Meet The Team At the Centre of everything we do 

Harvi Takhar 
Hannah More 
George Powell 
Tan Fatima 
Nicole Hampton 
Elizabeth Bacus 
Debra Pearson 
Suki Singh 
Administrative Asisstant 
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