Fungal Nail Treatment Options  

Do Nothing 
Fungal nail can be left without nail treatment and can be cut, filed and tidied up. However, the appearance will annoy you and the underlying problem will not be fixed. 
Doesn’t fix the underlying problem 
The infection will spread and deepen in the nail matrix 
Topical Treatments 
Paints and lacquers such as Curanail, ClearZel and Loceryl which are fungal nail treatments for ‘very mild fungal nail infections’ can be applied. 
Largely ineffective 
They do not peneterate deep enough in the nail to kill the entire infection 
Oral medication 
Terbinafine tablets are common fungal nail treatment tablets used to treat fungal nail infection. Average 60% effective. 
This is a longterm medication meaning that side effects can develop from this 
Reported side effects include rashes, migraines and possible liver damage. 
Other Clinics 
Other clinics such a beauty clinics use a generic laser which treats many other beauty conditions. This is not specalised for the use on fungal nails.  
Not medically trained 
Poor results 
The use of a single wavelength 

 Our Fungal Nail Laser Treatment Finally an answer to Fungal Nail Infections 

With our Laser Nail Treatments there are some increased benefits: 
No side effects, No Risk. 
Painless! (unlike many other Hot Laser treatments due to sepcic wattage for nail fungus) 
Can also be used on fingernails 
We treat the infection at the root cause 
Our Laser Treatment is results and evidence based 
97% of patients demonstrated new growth of clear nails 
1st and only FDA Market cleared device for new clear nail growth at 6 months 
CE marked to treat Fungal Nails 
Why treatment at Central Laser Nail Clinic 
95% successful 
The only medically researched nail fungus treatment 
Team of podiatrist that speclise in the treatment of nail fungus following the latest in reaserch and technology 
We treat nail infections of all severity regardless of how long you have had the infection 

Got a fungal nail infection that you want to treat? 

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