Birmingham's Leading Nail Fungus Specialists  Central Laser Nail Clinic Birmingham is a dedicated team of Poditarist aiding YOU to live Nail Fugus Free.... 

We use the latest technology and have an advanced network of healthcare specialist allowing us to offer the best in nail Fungus treatment in Birmingham. 
Leave it to the experts... We are the only clinic in Birmingham to offer a combination laser treatment on all our patients. This means the best results! 

Birmingham Clinic 

351 Hagley Road Birmingham Edgbaston B17 8DL 

Why Choose Central Laser Nail Clinic Birmingham? 

The best treatment medically available 

Our combination laser treatment and expertise in nail fungus allows us to hastily banish your nail infection. Our fungal nail Laser treatment in Birmingham has a 
95% Success rate! 

 60+ Years of Clinical Experience 

Our Nail Fungus specialist offer the best in treatment and advice, allowing us to accurately diagnose & treat patients who have been deemed 'untreatable'. 

5 Convenient Locations with state of the art facilites 

We have a well equipped clinic in Birmingham where we offer the best treatments. Our specialists will work with you to tailor a plan for your infection. 

 Our Fungal Nail Treatment In Birmingham Finally An answer to Fungal Nail Infections 

Why our Fungal Nail Laser Treatment? 
We use two of the best lasers available on the market, Combining them gives us a 95% success rate! 
Our specialists treat your fungal infection to the root using our gold standard lasers and wealth of experience. 
We wont be beaten on price and results! 
The superior option campared to topical treatments and long term medication. 
Why Our Lasers 
The Lunula Laser is the 1st and only machine on the market that is FDA approved for the treatment of Nail Fungus with a 89% success rate in clinical trials. 
The Podilase is the only medically reaseched laser for fungal nail available, with studies completed in the Univeristy of Barcelona proving a 89% successs rate. 
Our Lasers are for the specific use of nail fungus unlike many other clinics. We have trained and sourced the best of treatment from across the globe. 
The Benefits of our Fungal Treatment in Birmingham 
We treat the root cause of your fungal infection, letting you live fungal free. 
Only 4 session required every two to three weeks, making treatment the most convenient for you. 
We can treet all types of Fungal nail Infections regardless of the severity with our exepertise. 
Flexible payment options 

Harley Steet trained Fungal Nail Specalists at your doorstep   

Our expert team have been trained in Harley Street London & the University of Barcelona. 
We are a research and results based clinic and have sourced the best in treatment & innovation from across the globe. 
Need Fungal Nail Treatment In Birmingham? 
Central laser Nail Clinic Birmingham 
351 Hagley Rd Birmingham B17 8DL 
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