Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is a common condition which starts as a yellow or white spot situated under the toenail’s tip. As the infection develops, the nail can thicken, discolour, and start to crumble. Toenail fungus medication can be effective in treating the condition, but even when successful, the fungus can return. In general, laser nail treatment is considered a better treatment option. 
What is toenail fungus medication? 
Toenail fungus medication comes in three main forms; oral antifungal drugs, such as terbinafine and itraconazole, which are a common treatment that can clear the infection and help a new nail grow without infection; medicated nail polish (ciclopirox), which is painted on the nail and surrounding skin daily; and medicated nail cream, which is rubbed onto infected nails. 
The prescription oral medications have a good track record, but they cannot be considered an ‘easy fix’. Even after successful treatment, the infection may return before a new, infection-free nail grows through fully. Topical medications such as nail polish and cream usually need to be applied for many months to have an effect, and cure rates are low. 
Why can laser nail treatment be a more effective alternative? 
There are now laser nail treatments available which have proven to be an effective treatment for toenail fungus. Like the best oral toenail fungus medications, they do not cure the condition permanently in all cases. Significantly, however, they are proven to increase clear nails in toenail fungus patients. 
Laser nail treatment works to resolve symptoms and remove fungus from the toe and the surrounding skin. The treatment works by emitting pulses of energy via laser devices which apply heat to skin and nail tissue. This energy is able to penetrate through the nail to the nail bed where fungus is also typically located. Laser nail treatment is able to kill the fungal or mould organisms – this occurs when microbes absorb the heat and are destroyed. 
How effective is toenail fungus medication? 
Topical toenail fungus medications, even when applied daily, can often be ineffective in addressing fungus which is located at the nail bed. Oral toenail medications have proven to be effective in treating toenail fungus, but there is still the chance it will return even after initial success. 
As an alternative; laser nail treatment cannot guarantee infections will not return, however, it is considered a superior option to medications, especially when administered in multiple sessions spaced out over a few weeks. Laser treatment can kill fungus at the source, and encourage new nail growth. 
Are you interested in hearing more about toenail fungus treatments such as laser nail treatment? Call Central Laser Nail Clinic in Birmingham today on 0121 6473739. 
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